Current Production


Cinderella Character List

Lead Roles

PLEASE NOTE: All of these roles are meant to be filled by adults or older teens (16 up).

CINDERELLA: A shy and very sweet orphaned teenage girl who lives with her wicked stepmother and mean stepsisters. She dreams and is determined to find a better life for herself.

 THE FAIRY GODMOTHER: A beautiful and mysterious character who helps fulfill Cinderella’s wish to go to the ball and change her destiny.

 THE STEPMOTHER: A beautiful but evil woman who is unkind to Cinderella, yet dotes on her own two miserable offspring.

 GRACE (the awkward stepsister): One of Cinderella’s stepsisters. Taller and awkward in her appearance.

 JOY (the sullen stepsister): Cinderella’s other stepsister; a bit shorter than Grace, Joy is the sullen one; with a unique laugh.

 CHRISTOPHER: A youthful, handsome, but reluctant, prince searching for his independence and for his true love.

 LIONEL: The prince’s Royal Steward, and his one true ally and friend.

 QUEEN CONSTANTINA: Prince Christopher’s lovely mother; she wants the best for her son, and tries to keep her husband, the King, in line.

KING MAXIMILLIAN: Prince Christopher’s father, who gives the young man advice. This is a comedic character.

CHORUS: Villagers, Merchants, Maidens and Palace Guests

Children’s Chorus: Chorus roles for children 8 years of age and older

Children will be playing the part of the animals that Cinderella takes care of and interacts with. These are non-speaking roles, but participants will act, sing in the chorus and participate in scene changes. Animals include:

  • Charles the cat
  • Four white mice
  • A dove
  • Additional animals in Cinderella’s home