My Fair Lady (2014)

My Fair Lady

“The difference between a lady and a flower girl is not how she behaves, but how she is treated.” – Eliza Doolittle

Two Rivers Musical Productions is proud to present My Fair Lady for the company’s 2014 production. Based on George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, the musical transports us to Edwardian London to tell the story of Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle, who takes speech lessons from professor Henry Higgins to transform herself into a lady. Often called “the perfect musical,” My Fair Lady debuted on Broadway in 1956 and was followed by a hit London production, a popular film version, and numerous revivals.

  • Book and Lyrics by ALAN JAY LERNER
  • Adapted from George Bernard Shaw’s play and Gabriel Pascal’s motion picture Pygmalion

Production Team

Director: Marybeth Pidgeon

Assistant Director: Myles Sabourin

Musical Director: Lisa Webber

Plot Synopsis

Henry Higgins, a professor of phonetics, wagers his friend Colonel Pickering that in three months he can transform Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a duchess. Eliza moves into the Higgins household and, after months of gruelling phonetics and elocution lessons, she is ready for society. Eliza’s moment of triumph comes at the Embassy Ball. She is beautiful, elegant and well-spoken and proves to be an enormous success, particularly with the young gentleman Freddy Eynsford-Hill who falls desperately in love with her. The celebration is short-lived, however, once Eliza realizes that Higgins sees her as just another one of his many accomplishments. She breaks free of Higgins and vows to live on her own terms. After Eliza’s departure, Higgins realizes that she is an entirely independent and admirable person – discovering too late that he has become “accustomed to her face.”

Musical Score

Filled with unforgettable musical numbers – such as “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?,” “With a Little Bit of Luck,” “The Rain in Spain,” “I Could Have Danced All Night,” “Get Me to the Church on Time” and “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face” – it’s no wonder everyone falls in love with My Fair Lady and Eliza Doolittle.

My Fair Lady is presented through special arrangement with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc., 560 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY,

Cast of Characters

Cast Type: Ensemble cast – star female role, star older male roles and male/female supporting roles

Cast Notes: Large chorus, high school age (Grade 9) and up

Dance requirement: Standard (musical staging/some dance)

Main Cast

  • Eliza Doolittle – a young Cockney woman (Age 20-35, Soprano)
  • Professor Henry Higgins – a professor of phonetics (Age 35+, Baritone)
  • Colonel Hugh Pickering – Higgins’ friend and fellow phoneticist (Age 35+, Baritone)
  • Alfred P. Doolittle – Eliza’s father, a dustman (Age 35+, Baritone)
  • Freddy Eynsford-Hill – Eliza’s gentleman suitor (Age 20-35, Tenor)
  • Mrs. Pearce – Higgins’ housekeeper (Age 35+)
  • Mrs. Higgins – Higgins’ socialite mother (Age 35+)
  • Mrs. Eynsford-Hill – Freddy’s mother (Age 35+)
  • Lady Boxington – friend of Mrs. Higgins (Age 35+)
  • Lord Boxington – friend of Mrs. Higgins (Age 35+)
  • Zoltan Karpathy – Higgins’ former student and rival (Age 20-35)
  • Jamie and Harry – friends of Alfred Doolittle

Other Cast and Chorus

All ages and voice types.

  • Butler
  • Servants
  • Cockneys
  • Opera goers
  • Ascot racetrack fans
  • Embassy Ball patrons
  • Street buskers